June 28, 2022

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm, Eastern Time

ACS Georgia: Judicial Shenanigans - The Mystery of the Vanishing Election

Join the ACS Georgia Lawyer Chapter for a panel discussion on recent events that have created the appearance of maneuvers designed to avoid contested judicial elections for the Supreme Court of Georgia and the Georgia Court of Appeals through strategically timed resignations. The panel will discuss how this judicial vacancy problem originated, the Georgia Supreme Court's decision in Barrow v. Raffensperger, and how it has contorted language within the Georgia Constitution dealing with the period of service for judicial appointees. The panel will also discuss how the problem can be fixed.


Hon. John Barrow, Former U.S. Representative, Georgia's 12th Congressional District; Former Candidate for Supreme Court of Georgia in 2020

Elizabeth Fite, Partner, Rogers & Fite, LLC; Outgoing President, State Bar of Georgia

Hon. Jennifer Jordan, Georgia State Senator, District 6

Wayne Kendall, Co-Founder, Advocacy for Action

Anthony Kreis, Assistant Professor of Law, Georgia State College of Law

Moderated by

Emma Hurt, Reporter, Axios Atlanta